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Renewable Energy Fuel
ECO-BURN™ Bio-Fuel

Eco-BURN™ pellet fuel is produced from agricultural by-products. The raw materials are annually renewable which provides a consistent supply year after year. No binding agents are used which ensures an all natural fuel. ECO-BURNTM burns hotter than corn and most wood pellets. This translates to substantial savings in fuel costs.

ECO-BURN™ is currently being used in Multi-Fuel Stoves, Boilers, Furnace Systems, small scale Co-Generation Plants and Stoker Systems. It can be shipped by rail or by common carrier. Choosing ECO-BURN™ for your fuel source means that you have chosen to burn "GREEN".

For information on how to order ECO-BURN™, please contact K2O Consulting.
eco-burn renewable energy

eco burn pellets

Technical Specifications
Physical Properties Shipping Information
Color Brown to Black Weight per Bag 40 Lbs.
BTU Rating 8,900 – 9,200 BTU’s Bags per Pallet 40
Ash Content 1.0 – 1.5% Pallet Size 40" x 48"
Formulation Agricultural
Weight per Pallet 2,000 Lbs.
Bulk Density 40 Lbs. / ft3 Methods of Shipment 44 Ton Rail Car or Container
Moisture 6 – 8% Supply Availability 400 Metric Tons per Week
Applications Multi-Fuel Furnaces, Boilers and Stoves
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